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Kim Woo Bin x Samsung “This is Living” Đây mới là Sống - Episode 2

Kim Woo Bin becomes the face of Italian cosmetic brand, ‘Bottega Verde’

Kim Woo Bin has become the face of Italian cosmetic brand, ‘Bottega Verde,’ with his innocent and natural charm. 

It was reported that ‘Bottega Verde’ chose Kim Woo Bin because of his innocent image and the charismatic charm he showed through ‘Heirs’ and ‘Friends 2.’

According to one representative of the cosmetic brand, Kim Woo Bin is one of the hottest males of 2014 and is very popular with their main demographic of 20-30 year old women. With his image, the actor would be able to translate the charms of ‘Bottega Verde’ very well. 

They added, “The model has taken on very charismatic roles but he has been acknowledged as the guy who can bring out the protective instinct in women with his innocence.” 

Source: allkpop

[Eng Sub] Kim Woo Bin x Samsung “This is Living” Đây mới là Sống - Episode 1

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[Videos] Kim Woo Bin x MERRELL Making Film for 14fw lookbook

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